Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Check From Cash Crate!

I received my second check from Cash Crate this weekend. I have it pictured above to show you it is for real!

Many of you have been asking about if Cash Crate is real or not. I would not suggest anything I have not tried myself. I am not here to trick or swindle you. I do try everything first before I post about them. I know my family and friends read this blog, and would be embarrassed if they tried something that would hurt them in any way.

My suggestions for using Cash Crate:

First of all get a junk e-mail account. If you use your real account you will be getting junk e-mail every five minutes.

Use a secondary phone number if you have one. There are many web sites that an get you a secondary phone number for free. I suggest googling "free phone number" to find one. I personally use our fax number, so I never got a secondary number this way.

Only fill out surveys that you are comfortable with. If you don't feel comfortable with information they are requesting, either use altered information, or quit the survey. I never use my exact birthday. I don't feel comfortable with people knowing my name, address and birthday these days.

And last, be sure to fill out the daily surveys. They are on the main page by the surveys you pick. The right button in the chart is for daily surveys. They pay $.80, and are available every day.

So if you are ready to give Cash Crate a try, click here to sign up and start making your checks too! Be sure to comment on the size of your check, or e-mail me. I would love to add a secondary total to show how much my readers are earning every month.


Anonymous said...

I have tried CashCrate for over a month and there are NEVER any available surveys.
Not to be nosey but I'm wondering, are you making all your cash by doing the offers?
I have more luck with InBox Dollars. Have you tried them?

Mom is Broke said...

I am confused as how you don't have any offers to fill out. When you go into your main screen, click MEMBERS AREA. That will take you to offers available. If you are on a weird page click CASH OFFERS in the top box.

I have over 8 pages of offers on my main page. Including: Home Depot $500 Card Participate in the survey,Glam List Fill out the form,
JoinSurveys Fill out the one page sign-up form,Free Gift Cards Now Participate in the survey, Casino Cash Register for free, NetQuote Complete the application with valid information, Spicy or Sweet Create a free profile, Revlon Makeup Participate in the survey.

These are just a few that pop up on my screen when I log in. I don't always qualify for daily surveys, but there are always site offerings.

Hope this helps.

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