Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning - Master Closet

OK, here goes with my newest projects for the next few months...
I wanted to share with you some of the worst rooms or areas in my house that need some major TLC.
So this weekend I tackled the master closet. We have a pretty good sized master closet, but we have also accumulated a pretty good amount of junk inside that master closet. I have our stash of Health and Beauty supplies in there, but never really had a good storage solution for them. While sitting and looking at the closet, I figured out that I never wear the long dresses that are in there, and they are taking up valuable space for the length of them. So after church yesterday, we made a trip to Menards (and got our free after rebate stuff) to get shelving. One of the things that my husband is pretty darn good at is building shelves. He takes real pride in his shelves.

So this above is the before and after of the shelves that he built. I still have room for our dirty clothes underneath, but now I have my own little store to shop from when looking for products. Everything is sorted and labeled, so even the kids can easily find a new shampoo for their bathroom. I totally love the look of it, and it actually makes the closet look alot brighter too.
I got rid of alot of clothes that Jeff and I no longer wear, and will be donating them sometime this week. I threw out alot of junk that I don't need or want anymore. And cleaned up the kids yearly boxes that stores their art work and papers from each school year. I also have their baby boxes in my closet, so nothing happens to them. After getting rid of my clothes, I realize that I now need to go hit the thrift store to get some summer clothes. You know how it is said that you wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time. Well, that is not true for me anymore. I got rid of everything that I haven't wore in the past year, and it feels great.

Follow along with my spring cleaning, it might be pretty scary, as I am trying to take before picture without tiding up first.
Next up...the linen closet in the master bathroom. Needs some major organization and getting rid of old products.
What spring cleaning projects do you have planned?

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Together We Save said...

I love spring cleaning. I like the feeling that one small space id organized, even if it is only for a moment.

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