Sunday, October 5, 2008

Show Off on Saturdays

Well not to many groceries to brag about this week. I did hit Walgreens for Halloween pencils (to give out at pre-school) and got 3 bags of Twizzlers for $.99 each

I did go to Aeropostale and got some great deals though. I needed a zip up sweatshirt for me. Found one for 50% off, aren't they always 50% off. But it is a crew neck, not a hoodie, so I love it. Got my daughter undies for $.99, a polo shirt for $2.99, two shirts for $5.99 and two pairs of sweats for $5.99. Also got a little Christmas shopping done for a few of her friends.

They are having some great mark downs now if you are in the need for T-shirts or long sleeved thermals for girls for $5.99. Boys polo shirts are also marked down to $5.99. And there were alot of jeans marked to $14.99. So if you kids love Aeropostale, this might be the time to find some good Christmas presents.

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