Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm back.....

I really needed those few days off. I have so much to tell all of you.

First of all, I was offered two different job positions with two different companies this past Monday. I have never been in the position to choose which job I see myself in a future with. I think I have chosen correctly. I will be working Monday - Friday at a real 9-5 job starting in two weeks. It pays more than the other job offer, and double what I was making at Target. It will be hard to not be home with the kids, but this will make our debt not pile up any more than it already is. Hopefully we can start paying down the debt now!

So the second news is related to the first news, that I put in my two week notice at both the pharmacy that I was working at and Target. I am going from two part time jobs to one full time job. I will have weekends free! I haven't had a weekend off (except for the few I HAD to take off) for over a year. My oldest son told me he is happy to have me back on Saturdays and Sundays. I think I made the right choice.

So I will also be scaling back my postings due to the new work schedule. I will still keep the site up and running, maybe working on my lunch hour. I enjoy helping you all find freebies and coupons to make your budget stretch farther. Any suggestions as to what you really really want to stay would be helpful. Any freebies that you find would be helpful too, that way I don't have to search quite as much. I plan on keeping Freebie Fridays for sure, it is my favorite day!

Any suggestions would be helpful, leave them in the comments. Maybe work night dinners that are quick to prepare, how to organize the kids so mornings are easier. Anything that pops into your head!

In conclusion, I hope you all had a great last week, because I sure did. My life will be changing forever very soon, and I will probably be taking you all right along on the journey with me.


Carissa said...

Congratulations!!! Way to go on finding you a new job!!!!

Michelle said...

Good for you, Michelle. It sounds like you have found a solution that works the best for your family and your situation. I know how hard those decisions are!

As for advice - use the crock pot! I posted about it yesterday and linked to a bunch of recipes. It is wonderful to come home to a hot, nutritious meal after a long day at work.

letters to elijah said...

Overall this will be good for you! You will enjoy your family time much more. Congrats!

April said...

congrats on the job! I've been debating about whether or not i should go back to work. The only prob, minimum wage($6.50) just isn't worth my time. keep us posted on how it goes!

here's a tip
lay out all clothes the night before. no running around in the mornings because something is missing!

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