Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting prepared

My littlest one and myself were on a two day power shop to get ready for me going back to work next week. I have been running low on food, due to barely shopping for food the month of September. I have plenty of Cheez-its and Pop-Tarts, but needed more substantial food to get us by.

Here is what we ended up with:

4 - "new" work shirts for me
2 - "new" work pants for me
5 - "new" jeans for Matt
3 - "new" jeans for Ali
Final price $13.86
Savings A TON!

1 Wisp candle
1 Wisp candle refill
1 pair new tennis shoes for Ali
10 Kotex pantyliner (free)
6 Kotex maxi pads
Final Price $28.99
Savings $21.16

3 Airwicks
2 Hershey Bliss bags
1 box fruit snacks
5 bags baby carrots
5 bottles pineapple juice
2 easy macs
5 mini loaves Artisan bread
5 blocks cheese
1 bag mini bagels
2 Colgate toothpastes
1 toothbrush
1 eye shadow
1 powder
1 foundation
4 can dog food
4 cans small dog food
4 bags cat treats
12 boxes various General Mills cereals
2 boxes of cookies
10 yogurts
Final price $68.80
Savings $75.77

10 rice-a-roni (my favorite food)
4 Idahoan instant potatoes
4 bags keebler cookies
2 wheat bread
2 skippy peanut butters
4 caned diced tomatoes
6 tomato pastes
2 pork lion fillets
2 braunschweigers
2 fish sticks
1 Bob Evans potatoes
1 Bob Evans turkey dinner
2 1/2 pounds bananas
2 frozen corns
2 pack of skim milk
2 bags of Stayfree pads
Final price $75.93
$1.00 Catalina
Savings $40.60 (34%)

1 arm & Hammer laundry soap
2 large Pert Plus shampoo
2 small Pert plus shampoo
4 bags cough drops
4 cans chicken broth
2 glade warmers
2 glade refills
2 Crest toothpastes
2 Bonnie Bell chap sticks (Christmas stocking)
2 Jane face powders
6 votive candles (for pumpkins)
Final price $23.05 (Walgreens gift card)
$3.00 in rebates
Savings $56.66

With all the stores added together (except Savers) I figured I saved at least 50% on my two full day of shopping. We did also spend under $10 at Wendy's for lunch.

I think I should be well stocked up for awhile now. I have tons in the freezer, and I need to reorganize my pantry again. I need to keep it clean, due to some of my closest friends teasing me about it (Jenny & Tal). I am not going to apologize for having a organized pantry. It is one thing in my life that stays organized. Only because I am the only one who cooks in my house, unless it involves a grill. So nobody goes into the pantry except me.

And if all that wasn't enough in the past two days. I also picked up kids from school, spent one half day at pre-school for parents day, drove to dance twice, spent an afternoon with my parents and attended two school conferences. I AM POOPED! Today I get to clean the whole house too!

I am having a mini vacation for MEA weekend. My parents are taking all three kids to their cabin for two nights. I love MEA weekend. The kids normally go and help with the leaves. Their property is filled with giant black oaks, and the leave piles end up being at least 5 feet tall. The weather report for up north calls for cold and possible flurries. Oh well, I will be at home in a clean, well stocked house!

Also, for those of you who know me, and know my pets, you know my dogs don't eat canned foods. And my cat doesn't eat treats either. I have been getting so much free pet foods, I have been saving them up in a huge box. At Christmas time the kids and I will bring the box to the local Humane Society for donation. I will be updating y'all about the many donations we will be doing throughout the Christmas season.

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Michelle said...

Good luck, Michelle! I will be thinking about you!

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