Friday, October 10, 2008

Freebie Friday

I love freebies. Here are this weeks freebies:

Free Pumpkin Stencils (Cinderella) Thanks Kelly!

Free download of Whole Wheat Cookbook

Free Scented Bookmark (many scents available)

O.B. sample & carring case (be sure to check free box)

Committ Lozenges to help you quit smoking

PLENTY The World of Green: magazine subscription

Jergens Naturals Moisturiser
Good Nights
Playtex Sport

Wal-Marts Free MP3 Music Download for this week:

Click here for 26 different free educational books that you can use for your kids. The shipping is free also. I have ordered some that I thought would interest my children. I have not received them yet, but hopefully they will show up.

Have you been getting tons of freebies in your mail box? Every afternoon my youngest loves running to the mailbox to see what free stuff we got today. He is actually disappointed when there isn't a freebie in the mail that day. He then will ask if we got any coupons. He is learning well. The older two only like food freebies, then they fight over them!
Leave a comment as to the best freebie you have got yet. It will be interesting to see what is your favorite. My favorite so far: magazine subscriptions (I get about 10 now!)

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