Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wow....Life Changing

Two pretty amazing things happened in our house last night that will change our family forever.

No, I am not pregnant!

#1 Both Ali & Matt got contact lenses. I brought them in to get a new eyeglass prescription, and when the question about contacts came up, I left it up to the kids. We had talked about them, I just thought we were going to try to wait until middle school (they are 4th & 5th grades right now). They both seemed excited to try them out, so we went for it. The very patient and nice Doctor put the first ones in their eyes, and they fell in love with them, smiling from ear to ear. They were both able to take two out and put two back in within just 5 or so minutes.

So it is official, my kids have grown up. They are both wearing contacts, and hopefully all will go well with them when they need to get them in before school.

#2 I learned how to make homemade bread. I have made bread from scratch before, but to be honest, it was never very good. I made it to Savers on Labor Day for their 50% off sale. After I was finished looking for clothes for the kids this blog I read at Leaving Excess popped into my head. She said that you should pick up a bread maker second hand. "I am at a thrift store" I thought, "let's see if they have any". Well they had one, it was marked $14.99 so I paid $7.50 for it. The best part is it was brand new. The outside was dirty from sitting on somebody counter top, but the inside had never been used.

I bought a box bread machine dough to try first, and it turned out pretty good. So I cleaned it up and tackled a real recipe for oat bread. It was wonderful! I could have eaten the whole loaf if nobody was around. Here is the recipe that I used.

So not major life shattering, but both were a big deal in our household last night. The kids look funny without their glasses, and I will be making homemade bread every other day now. Funny how life troughs little curve balls at you, but they are fun to catch.

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Beth said...

I do not cook, but I use my bread maker several times a week. I use this recipe then use balsamic vinegar, and oil. It taste just like Macaroni grill.

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