Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thrifty Thursdays

Here is my updates on 30 Days of Nothing from this post.

Thursday: $0 yea!

Friday: $84 for a new suit and shoes for my interview.
$35 for a haircut for me and my daughter

Saturday: $48 - gas

Sunday: $0 yea again

Monday: $0

Tuesday: $39.00 for 3 Webkins for Christmas presents for the kids, and 75% clearance on next years school supplies. $25.00 for half a tank of gas. $6.80 for 12 boxes of Cheerios.

Wednesday: $0, little one running a temp of 103, stayed home from work so he could sleep on me all day.

$237.80 for the week. If it wern't for needing a new suit or gas it would have been a good week. At least the suit I can wear anywhere, but these gas prices are just killing me. And I run on E-85! I can't imagine running regular gas.

See y'all next Thursday to see if I can keep little spending going. I have passed over some pretty good deals this week, but I didn't "need" the items. We will see if I am kicking myself next spring when I run out of organic potting soil and could have bought it this week 75% off.

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