Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thrifty Thursdays

I have been following along with Owl Haven with her 30 Days of Nothing Challenge. It has been hard, so I am going to post about how I have been doing here on Thrifty Thursdays, since not spending any money is pretty darn thrifty!

The past weekend was pretty hard, due to having my daughters 11th birthday party. We had a green party, which was great. We were planning on going to a local State Park to try Geocaching (fancy hiking), but it literally rained all weekend! With 9 kids in toe, we ended up at the Mall of America instead. So how did that work to be thrifty? Not very easily! We tried on different clothes and had our version of a fashion show. We only got kicked out of one store doing that. We checked out the new Gilly Hicks store, so much underwear! And we found the free cheese samples at the Packers store. Free cheese is free cheese, even if it is from the Packers.

We could only stay at the mall for a few hours before we all went back to the dance studio for their big BBQ to kick off the new season. The mall is not all that we did for her birthday. We played a new version of the t-shirt game. They had to see who could put on the t-shirt the fastest. But...they had been dunked in water and frozen the night before.

Their gift bags were filled with "free stuff" from CVS throughout the past year. I got them all CFL light bulbs on sale from Menards with my rebate checks. ELF Lip gloss at $1 each, another pot of lip gloss at $.19 from Walgreens. Tulip bulbs to plant in their yards, free after rebate from Menards, candy with coupons from Target, and their gift bags were recycled from other previous gifts.

We also made homemade pizza dough for dinner, chips on sale, and pop from earlier this summers sale at Target. I did splurge on the cake. Normally I would have made the cake, but I found a cake with smashed up M&M's and peanut butter cups on it. Now I know I could have smashed up the candy myself, but I waited to long, and kind of forgot about the cake. I don't like cake, and neither does my daughter. We never eat desserts at my house, so I have forgotten to get or make a cake before.

So my weekend spending was around $25.00
Spent $51.03 for gas (ick)
Overdue fines at library $1.40
Bought 4 books at Half Price Books $1.07
Sold a bunch of VHS movies -$8.50
Lunch at White Castle $1.26
Monday total $35.90
Tuesday :
breakfast $1.25
Wednesday $0 yea!

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Michelle said...

OMG - no spending at the Mall Of America? With 9 kids? At a birthday party? You are a thrifty goddess!

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