Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Target Tuesdays

Sorry this is so late, I was working all morning, and am just dragging today.

The big Cheerios deal:

Buy 4 boxes get $5 Target gift card
use these coupons:

$.60/1 coupon from my green side bar

So you should be able to print each of these twice and get 12 boxes of Cheerios using the gift cards for $.56 a box or $6.80 total!

So get out there and get your Cheerios!

Buy the way I spent most of the morning marking down most of the back-to-school department to 75% off. I stocked up on 5-pack notebooks for $.12, loose leaf paper $.12, composition notebooks $.12 and tons of other stuff. Scissors are a great deal right now too!


julie said...

where is the back to school stuff being marked down? is it a target you work at? thanks for all the great deals..i should be keeping track of the money you are helping me save!! haha..if only i could get a coupon for the dance tuition..haa..i did work at the dome last week to help pay for the costumes...

Mom is Broke said...

the back-to-school is at the Bunker Lake location. I was in there again last night to get a few more things, and they still had tons of paper, but the other stuff is getting pretty picked over.

And, sorry to hear about the dome. I hate working the dome! I've done it, and will do it again, but I do NOT enjoy it.

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