Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cheap Make-up

I have received this e-mail from my friend Tal to let everybody know about a great deal on make-up:

"The make-up product Elf (Eyes Lips Face) is being bought out by Nordstroms.
So for a limited time, all their products are only $1 each! Enter code "Carolina" at checkout for an additional discount."

I have placed a small order. I am hoping that the fake eyelashes will match what my daughter needs for dance class. The Carolina discount was 50% off your order up to $15.00. So that pretty much made it free shipping for me! I also got some lip gloss for birthday party favors, and 2 new eye shadows for me.

Leave a comment to let everybody know what you ended up with!

Thanks for the e-mail Tal!!!!!

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Susan said...

Just so you know, this make up has no relationship with Nordstrom. That was a rumor started quite some time ago actually. Elf has been out for a couple years now and there make up (except the mineral type) is always and will always be $1 each.

I have purchased some items from their site (a while back), for only being a $1 each its ok stuff, some items are better than others. It’s not the best makeup I've purchased, but still good for the price. I think this make up would be fantastic to give young girls who like to play dress up, since it’s so cheap and quality isn't the utmost importance to them.

I've been getting so much makeup for free, playing the drugstore game though, that buying makeup just doesn't seem economical lately.


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