Thursday, September 4, 2008

Am I feeding my childs addiction?

I think the answer is yes.

My youngest boy is addicted to Pop-Tarts. So much so that I have to put them on the high shelf so he doesn't keep "helping himself" to more of them when I am not looking.

Well with the great sale at Target this week, I was doomed. I have taken a picture of my purchases, and I will post it as soon as my regular computer is working. (I am using the kids computers in the mean time) I ended up with 44 boxes of Pop-Tarts! Yes, you saw right 44 boxes, of the 12 count boxes. That comes to 528 individual Pop-Tarts! The best part is I only paid $35 and some change for them all.

I have them hidden as best I can in my walk in pantry right now, so little hands can't get them. But I am afraid it is only a matter of time before he finds them. (Imagine a cartoon light burst around them as his eyeballs are popping three feet out of his head) At that point I will have to find a higher up hiding place for them. I am hoping that they should last right through the New Year. We are still working on 6 more boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats too.
I will post the picture as soon as my computer is working.

How many Pop-Tarts did y'all end up with?

Not sure about the Pop-Tart deal at Target? Well, when you buy 4 boxes of 12 count Pop-Tarts for 4/$9 you get a $5 Target gift card. You can also use the Target $.50 coupon for Pop-Tarts here. Be sure to print as many coupons as Pop-Tarts you plan to buy. So if you do a few transactions in a row, using the gift cards you got in the previous transaction, they end up costing $2/4 boxes. Plus there were manufacture coupons in the paper a few weeks ago that you can stack with the Target coupons.

So that is why I am stocking up on them. I just hope I can keep him from finding them as long as possible.


letters to elijah said...

That's a lot of poptarts!

How long do you think they will last?

Michelle said...

Holy pop-tarts!

I did the deal once - happy to have four boxes! That is more than we need, trust me! The kids tore into them in the parking lot for goodness sake!

April said...

44 boxes! wow...I'm the one addicted to Poptarts around here so I would definitley love to have that many. I try no to buy more than 4 boxes at a time(and 2 boxes of those are ones I dont like so i won't eat them!)

Brooke said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one that hides food! but i have to hide it from a grown man if i want ingredients for cooking!!

mom_of2boys said...

WOW! That's a lot of pop-tarts!! My kids would love to find your stash!

I haven't made it to Target yet but I only plan on getting a few boxes. =)

Amy2 said...

I have to hide the chocolate chips! Right now they're in an oatmeal container. No chance they'll look THERE!

Mom is Broke said...

I am hoping that the Pop-Tarts will last through January, but we will see. I will do a post when the last box is gone.

However the total went up last night after I went into work. I had a long break and bought 8 more boxes. I think I have a problem!

I showed my parents my walk-in pantry full of food, and all they could do is laugh. They know our budget is tight, so they are just happy to see an abundance of food in the house. I am done buying Pop-Tarts, and need to stay out of Target until after Sunday.

Stubber Budgeting said...

If only I was trying to keep them from a little boy, not a 28 year old man!

Thankfully, I didn't start mine's addiction, but it's an addiction nonetheless.

(came over here from MoneySavingMom)

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