Sunday, August 3, 2008

You Know Your In To Coupons When.....

This is a list I compiled throughout the last few weeks. The very sad part is all of these actually happen in my home. I am sure you other coupon hunters have very similar situations...right?

You know your into coupons when...

...Your daughter asks her friends parents if she can have their coupon from the top of their Oreo cookies.

...Your toddler asks to practice his scissor cutting, by cutting pretend coupons.

...You have enough toothpaste and deodorant stashed away to last the rest of your life.

...Your son dashes through parking lot traffic because you dropped two coupons.

...Your husband asks for the pile of coupons before heading out to pick up a few things.

...You are telling the cashiers where to find coupons from their store.

...You find yourself stopping other shoppers to give them an extra coupon for something they are holding.

...You have got your friends addicted to coupons too.

...You plan your whole week around a Walgreens $3/$10 coupon.

...Your kids go through the Sunday coupons to see what they are having for lunch that week.

...Your daughters friend (yes you Courtney) calls you to tell you about Dollar Days at County Market.

...You are handing out diaper coupons to friends that have little ones.

...Finding a new $3/$15 CVS coupon makes your day.

...You take a friend shopping to show her how low your bill can go.

...You have enough free pads and tampons to last into menopause.

...Your coupon box has morphed into shoebox size.

...Your checking different blogs everyday for the latest coupons to print.

And lastly,

...Your blogging about those new coupons to help others save money too!


Anita said...

Ouch. How did you know me so well? I loved this post!

Carissa said...

I love this post. It sounds just like me! Especially the kids cutting out "coupons" to practice their cutting skills...and handing out diaper coupons to friends.

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