Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Fun @ Savers

If you are a bargain shopper like myself you already know the fun of shopping at thrift stores. Now they can be smelly, dirty and gross sometimes. But you need to decide for yourself what you can handle.

I myself have tried Salvation Army and Goodwill with little success. My favorite store is Savers. I feel that it is cleaner and more organized than other thrift stores. There are still a few smelly things, but everything I buy gets tossed right into the wash machine when I get home anyway.

You can check out their web site here to see if there is a location close to your home. I have two in opposite directions from my house half an hour away. I try to shop on Mondays now thanks to a readers tip that Mondays are $.99 days on certain color tags. Every tag is color coded by how long they have had that item in their store. The longest items are normally the $.99 items. And that is throughout the store, clothes, furniture, etc...

They also have great 50% off days normally on major holidays: Memorial Day, Labor Day & 4th of July. I do tend to hit both stores on those days. But do get there early, don't bring along the littlest of kids, and be prepared to wait in a long check out line.

Plus at the end of the year they offer calenders for the next year with 12 great coupons attached to use every month of the next year. The coupons can't be used on the 50% off days, but they are a good deal themselves.

90% of the book my children have right now are from Savers. Children's books at my Savers are $.69 everyday. I let them pick out books they want so they will read them. They have tons of books in their rooms now. And when they have a book sale at school with used books, I never feel bad donating tons of books because we didn't pay full price for them.

My daughter and oldest son's back-to-school clothes have mostly come from Savers this year. My daughter finally fits into the junior clothes, so she is having a blast finding Abercrombie and Aeropostale shirts for normally around $2 and jeans for $5. My son has countless Abercrombie shirts for $.99 from Monday sales. They are looking good with their peers, wearing designer clothes, and I don't feel bad because I can afford these. My daughter found a practically brand new pair of DC shoes without the laces for $5, we had laces in the basement for a craft project. She just washed them with baby wipes and they are brand new!

I do have to admit, when my daughter started telling everyone where she was getting her clothes, I was a little embarrassed. But that is something I need to work on. She was not embarrassed at all, to her it is the greatest store in the world, she can't figure out why more people don't shop there.

So, check out Savers web site to see if there is a location close to you, and go with an open mind and check it out. I am not receiving any compensation for writing this review, I just really love this store and want to help other Mom's dress their kids for less this year.

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yahtzeecat said...

99 cent days are a life saver, I have countless stories of how I got a brand new piece of clothing that cost at least $30.00 for just 99 cents! I love getting complimetnts on my outfits and then being able to brag that it only costs $ my friends will just come out and your outfit, did it come from Savers, rarely can I answer No!

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