Sunday, June 8, 2008

One Week Until Father's Day

Here are some free or practically free ideas for Father's Day this year:
(That's my Dad above!)

Magazine Subscriptions:

If you are planning on giving a magazine subscription,
I suggest you make a certificate to tell him about it!

Father's Day Poems (to make your own card)

Download Coupon Template here & Make your own
The kids are giving a bucket filled with free after rebate items we picked up at Menards. They are all tool type stuff, and I know he will like them. But what if you didn't get those? Do you have some men freebies you received in the mail? Target's dollar area has enough stuff to make a great car wash gift basket, with towels, mitts and even car wax all for a dollar! Dollar stores often have tool areas in them. Find a unique tool that he doesn't have yet, and didn't know he needed. And then there is always the way to most men's Cook him up a special dinner of all his favorites. Even if they don't seem to go together. Steaks on the grill with pancakes and tacos do go together when it is all the foods he loves. Just be sure to explain the concept to him while he is sitting down to dinner.

What are your freebie & inexpensive ideas for Father's Day. We all have one week left to get it all planned. Help others out buy commenting with what you are doing this year.

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