Friday, June 13, 2008

Freebie Friday

Be sure to check out Mom Adivice for her list of Freebies, also check out one of my favorite sites for freebeis-totallyfreecrap. I have received some of the freebies from his site, but not all of them :(

Vaseline Lotion for Men
Playtex Glide
On-the-Go Drink Mixes

Juicy Juice Tippy Cup (got mine yesterday)

Free sample of Enfamil for 9-24 month olds

Free Johnson & Johnson New Parent’s Pack
Call 1-800-526-3967 , automated call, please press 1, 1, and 1. Leave your name and address and you will receive your free pack in 2 weeks.

6 Free Stress Balls (Companies only)

Free download of Sesame Street Magazine

Free Leap Dog Treat sample

Free bag Healthful Life Cat food (my cat loves this brand)

Free Bio-Spot fleas & tick remover (3 mo supply!)

Free can of Mighty Dog (got mine last week)

Free toy for your pet on their birthday from Pet Smart (sign up under my account & fill out information)

There are alot of free pet treats and food this week. What do you do if you don't have any pets? Order them anyway and either donate them to your local Humane Society, (they ALWAYS need food donations), or make a pet basket for your neighbors dog for Christmas time. Pet food and treats are expensive, and any pet owner would love a basket of different treats and foods to try.

Leave a comment on other things you do with your free pet samples......


J.E. said...

I love your blog thanks for all the great freebies.

My cats are very picky about their food but I still make sure to request them and give all my samples to a co-worker who fosters kittens.

She loves them.


Anonymous said...

Great ideas on the pet stuff! Our doggie (Hendrix) past away last week, so we have tons of doggie stuff! We give all of ours to my mother in law who adopted our bigger dog when I had my 2nd baby! I was unable to take her walking as much and couldn't let her run wild with the new baby, so they took our Storey dog! So...we get to visit all the time, and we always bring her treats we get for free online!!!

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