Friday, June 13, 2008

Free Trip to the Minnesota Zoo


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My kids and I enjoyed a free day at the Minnesota Zoo on Wednesday, thanks to 107.1FM and Stephanie & Meridith. I was driving to pick up the kids on their last day of school Tuesday, and they wanted people to call in to tell them how they are being frugal. WHAT! I grabbed my phone and dialed as quickly as possible. Stephanie & Meridith asked what I did to cut back and save money, I told them about how my husband works in the mortgage business, and we have been struggling, income wise, for over two years now. I then told them about my coupon clipping and asking for free samples here on my site. I was just expecting a "thank you" but she told me I could have 4 free tickets to the Minnesota Zoo the next day to watch them do their broadcast!

The kids were so excited! The price to get in to the zoo is $14/adult and $8/kid and $5/parking, we got all that free. We were then escorted into a secret room behind the new Grizzly Bear exhibit to where Stephanie & Meridith were broadcasting. The station also provided each of us a free catered lunch of yummy sandwiches, chips and bottles of water. We got to sit there and watch the show, but we were able to roam in and out to explore the zoo at our convenience. Timmy wanted to go see the bears, so we watched for about 45 minutes, then hit the zoo.

We made it all the way back to the trailer ride to the farm. We saw at least half the zoo in a four hour period. We took in the bird show, and made it back to the broadcast to see an owl up close and personal. The older kids said it was the most fun day ever. I told them that sometimes being frugal pays off in strange and unusual ways, like free tickets to the zoo.

So for the cost of 1/4 tank of gas we had a great day. I want to personally thank 107.1FM and Stephanie & Meridith for being able to give my kids this treat. We would not have been able to make the trek to the other side of the cities without their help.

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