Monday, June 2, 2008

Deals for this Week


10 pc Knife Set
Limit 2
FREE after rebate

Picture Frames
Limit 4
FREE after rebate

10' U-Snap Gutters
Limit 10
FREE after rebate

Elastrometic Blacktop Crack Filer
Limit 3
FREE after rebate

In order to get the Free after rebate items, you must make an additional $10 purchase. Most Menards have grocery items now, and the $10 can be towards them. If you are planning on a trip to Menards anyway, they will be worth your while to pick them up.

14.4 Volt Cordless Drill
Limit 1
$59.99 after rebate

Deck & House Oil Stain
Limit 5 gallons
$9.99 after rebate

18" Push Brooms
Limit 2
$5.99 after rebate

HVLP Control Sprayer
Limit 1
$39.99 after rebate

Anti-Siphon Toilet Tan Fill Valve
Limit 10
$7.00 after rebate

Scott's Liquid Gold
Limit 2
$.99 after rebate

Mailbox & Post Combo
Limit 1
$39.99 after rebate

All-Purpose Wash
Limit 2
$.99 after rebate

25' Extension Cord
Limit 2
$3.49 after rebate


Free first pound of grapes
CUB coupon

Buy 2 gallons of Land O Lakes milk get:
1 dozen free eggs
64oz orange juice
8oz butter
6 ct Cub English muffins
CUB coupon

Life Cereal 2/$4
Use coupon here and here
Final price $1.00 each

Thomas' English Muffins B1G1
CUB coupon

Rice-A-Roni $1.00 each
Use $.50 coupon here
Final Price $.50 each

Buy 5 Kraft Cheeses get $5.00 off
use $2.00 Live Active coupon here (print twice)
use $.55 Kraft Parmesan Cheese here (print twice)
Clip CUB coupon for the $5 off

Michelina's Frozen entrees $1.00 each
use $1.00 off 5 coupon here
Final price 5/$4


Online photos are on sale for $.18 a print

Dove Chocolate 2/$5
use B1G1 coupon here
(if you need to save them, put them in the freezer!)
Final price 2/$2.50

Kashi snacks 2/$5
use $2.00 coupon here (print twice)
Final price 2/$1

Goldfish Crackers 2/$3
use $1.00 off 2 coupon here
Final price 2/$2

Centrum B1G1 1/2 off
Use $1.00 coupon here (print twice)

Lever 2000 soap 2/$7
use $1.00 coupon here
Final Price $2.50 each

Dove Soaps 2/$7
use $1.00 coupon here
Final price $2.50 each

K-Y Liquibeads $9.99
use $2.00 coupon here
Final price $7.99

Friskies Cat Food $9.99
use $2.00 coupon here
Final price $7.99

Pedigree Dog Food $17.99
use $1.00 coupon from recent paper insert
Use $1.00 off Target coupon
Final price $15.99


Hamburger Helpers $1.00 each
use $.80 off 3 coupons here or
$.50 off 2 coupon here

Betty Crocker cake mix $1.00 each
use $.55 off 2 coupon here
Final price $1.45/2

Betty Crocker cookie mix 4/$6
use $.60 off coupon here (print twice)
Final price $.90 each

Oscar Meyer Lunchables $1.00 each
use $.50 coupon here
Final price $.50 each

Chex Mix $1.00 each
use $1.00 coupon from here (print twice)
Final price FREE


Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 is Dollar Days at County Market again! Be sure to get there early, as parking is tight on Dollar Days.

To view their entire Dollar Days ad, please click here to view it.

What I will be buying:

Chiquita bananas 2lbs/$1.00

Idaho Russets $1.00

Split-Top Wheat Bread $1.00

Schweigert Hot Dogs 2/$1

Our Delight Ground Turkey 16oz 2/$1.00

Boneless Beef Chuck $2/lb

Flavorite Fruit Snacks $1.00

Act II Microwave popcorn $1.00

Fast Fixin' Chicken nuggets $1.00

Bush's Baked Beans $1.00

Minute Maid Fruit Punch & Lemonade $1.00

12ct Flour Tortillas $1.00

Milford Chicken Kiev $1.00

Birds Eye frozen veggies $1.00

Pillsbury Brownie mix $1.00

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