Friday, May 30, 2008

Some Web Sites to Check Out

I am not being paid to tell you about these sites! These are just good web sites that more people need to know about. If you have a favorite site that offers free stuff or free services, let me know & I can add it to the list.

We are a jewelry manufacturing company based in Los Angeles. For more than two decades we have been selling diamonds, gemstones and jewelry to other retailers and wholesalers throughout the United States. is our direct window to consumers. By giving away our exclusive pieces for FREE, we are creating a rapport with jewelry lovers and giving them an opportunity to feel the quality and craftsmanship of our designs.

You just pay shipping & Handling

Famundo is your family hub, replacing your wall calendar, address book, filing cabinet, fridge magnets and yellow sticky notes. Famundo for Families eliminates the chaos and gives you control over your daily life.

It's free, or there is a subscription version as well.


It's a free radio station you listen to on your computer. The great thing is you pick only the music you like to hear. The can only listen to it on the computer. You can not download it, just listen to it. I like using it when I am blogging. I am on the computer anyway, I might as well listen to the music I like.

Learn to speak different languages

You can learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Mandarin and Chinese. You will have to play around with the site a little bit to find out how you want to learn. There is a 12 week online coarse, or different audio and video courses. Start learning a new language today!

Club Penguin

Free web site for kids to play with their own avatar. You can subscribe to play in different areas and "buy" your avatar new clothes. But my kids have been playing for free for over three months now.


Children's Formal Wear Rental. This site would be perfect for your little one for that special occasion. You just rent an outfit for 3 weeks without paying the huge cost of buying it. Use it for weddings, pageants, special birthday parties, or just for fun. They have a huge selection, and even have some for purchase.

Greetings Cards

We have all been sending E-Cards for years now, but this is my personal favorite site. I did join the site to get the voice animated cards though. I used the Santa card to send to my children last year. They e-mailed Santa, so I had this to send back to them. Anything you type in, the animated character will say. You might have to play around with the spelling and spacing to make it sound just right, but it is kind of fun too!

Organized Christmas

It is never to early to start thinking about Christmas. I found this site last year, and printed out all the pages that applied to my family. I do still need to put them into a three ring binder, but that will come soon enough. You can print out hundreds of pages to help you keep a handle on Christmas. Everything from decorations to recipes to presents lists. It is a fun site to play around on if you have the time before Christmas to do it.

National Geographic Videos

We found this site last year when my DD had to do a report on Holler Monkeys, and I have to admit, I didn't know what they were. There are all kind of videos to watch. Everything from kids videos to videos about the environment. My kids enjoy watching all the different animal videos and music from around the world.


Sign up for a free account for your child to enter the world of Neopets. My kids did play with this site alot, but are more into club penguin now.

Miss O and Friends

This is a great site for tween girls, but my oldest son plays too. You can do crossword puzzles, word finds, games, create fashion looks and vote on other kids fashion designs. It is a free site that provides hours of fun. There is even a contest for a drawing to win free prizes. We won a Nick Kids DVD last year, and it did arrive for free! There are so many possibilities with this site to keep the kids busy during a rainy day this summer.

Not a web site, but get free directory assistance. Instead of dialing 411, dial 800-FREE-411. You will have to listen to a 10 second commercial, but you won't be charged for the directory assistance call.


Anonymous said...

Here's a couple of great sites.

It's a social networking site for real-life groups -- great for playgroups, room parenting and other mommy type activities and to just get organized.

A great site for putting together book quality picture books. A lot less expensive than Shutterfly. It takes just a few hours to put together a family masterpiece.

Oriental Trading Company

This is a great site if you are putting together a party. You can purchase tons of inexpensive gifts, toys for arts and crafts.

Tahleen said...

Another good site is It's free, and tween girls can safely interact and chat, give each other advice, support each other, etc. They can also create and decorate their own locker, kind of like a personal page. Everything is monitored before it's posted so nothing too personal gets through.

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