Monday, May 26, 2008

My Memorial Day Weekend

I just wanted to share with all my readers the excitements I had on my Memorial Day Weekend.

Friday started out with working a full day at my Pharmacy job. Nothing to exciting, I was worried about driving north thru the cities at 6:00, but everybody must have left town earlier. I flew home in record time. My parents had watched the little one all day, and took him to the cemetery. He had a good time "planting" the flowers in the vase. I enjoy how children can find the fun in any situation. Friday night concluded with "Drinks on the Driveway" at the neighbors house. Everybody brought something to grill and a dish to pass. Lots of good conversation with good friends.

Saturday was my only day off during the weekend. We used our time to till up the garden to get ready for planting. While Jeff was tilling the back, I planted the non-deer friendly veggies in the front of the house. Learned the hard way last year what the deer in the back yard like to eat. Hopefully by planting them next to the house this year, they will leave them alone. It was a beautiful day of working in the yard and getting chores done.

Sunday I had to work Target 9-5. Nothing to exciting until about 4:30 when the tornado sirens started going off. I knew bad weather would be rolling in, but was hoping to already be home by then. We were stuck in the back of the store with the guests that were shopping until 5:40. There was no damage in our area, but there was damage as close as 4 miles away. While in the back of the store I met the two most well behaved and smart boys. They were from up north visiting their Grandma. They were 3 & 6, and loved to talk. I thought I was doing them a favor by talking to them to make them not think about the storm, but they entertained me more! The 6 year old recited, in alphabetical order, all of the supreme court judges. I have no idea if he was right or not, but I assume he was. When I finally got home, there was no damage at my home, but all the flowers had been stripped from the trees due to the large hail.

Monday was another gloomy weather day, but was perfect for finishing planting the garden. I got all my Black Eyed Susan's, Purple Cone Flowers, Gay Feathers, milk weeds and sunflower seeds in the ground. I also transplanted my pumpkins I started inside, planted spaghetti squash seeds and the first three rows of corn. It is finally starting to look like a real garden now. If I can just keep the weeds and deers out it will be a good crop. To finish off my Monday, I am off to Target to work again tonight. At least it is time and a half pay, and that should make it more worth while.

Hope you all had an enjoyable Memorial Day.

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