Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Menard's Trips

I have always loved shopping at Menard's over Home Depot & Lowes. To me it feels more like a small town hardware store than a big home improvement store. There are always employees around that help with anything you ask them. I have gotten rebates at Menard's in the past when I have bought paint, and there just happened to be a rebate for that item.

Well last week and this week I have purposely shopped their rebates to see if I like it. Last week we ended up with two bottles of fruit punch, 1 bottle of car wash, 1 jug of windshield washer fluid, 2 small cotton rag rugs, and 1 retractable clothes line for my birthday present. It should yield me a $12 rebate check. In order to get the free after rebate stuff, you need to make a $10 purchase. My husband needed new windshield wiper blades, so that worked nicely.

This week I went for the Father's Day stuff of: 1 clamp, 1 level, 1 square tool, 2 snap utility knives, 3 replacement blades for the knife, 2 tarps and 2 tubes on all purpose glue. This check should be $21.25, and my $10 additional purchase was four tubes of E-600 glue that I will use up before this time next year. (This is the glue we use to glue sequins and rhinestones onto the kids dance costumes.)

Menard's rebates take 6-8 weeks to come in the mail, but I plan to use them to buy more free after rebate stuff when I get them. I will roll them over just like the Walgreen's rebates. I will let you know how it is going and what other free stuff I will be getting.
Have any of you been using Menard's rebates checks to roll-over to your next rebate item purchase? If so let me know what your experience has been.

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Martha said...

Enjoy our site. We have a new Ace Hardware & I found a printable rebate form on their website. Their flyer also has some freebies. I think they are similar to your Menard's. We are in Western NC.

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