Friday, April 11, 2008

How I used my Bath & Body Coupons

My youngest & I hit the mall today for three different stores.

Our first was Steve & Barry's for the free Amanda Bynes ring. They only had yellow & pink colors left, but my DD was fine with that. They do have different sizes, so I just got her the smallest size they had left. She was very happy with it!

Second we hit Victoria Secret for the free body scrub. You need to make a purchase to get the scrub, but I ended up with a new perfume for my DD for her birthday next September. I hope I don't forget where I put it by then. (Side note: it was funny watching my 3 yr old DS carry a Victoria Secret bag through the mall.)

Our last stop was Bath & Body Works with our four coupons in hand. My goal was to get my kids teacher gifts for the end of the year. (I hope they aren't reading this right now.) I had enough coupons to get each teacher a full size lotion and body spray in the same scent. I got the signature scents that are on sale for $5.00 right now. I also got 2 extra full sized lotions, one mini sized lotion and a Wallflowers fragrance kit. I had to do four separate transactions, but ended up only spending $40.00. Full price it would have all cost $116.00! I think that is a pretty good teacher gift that they will actually use. The cashier did throw in a bunch of coupons for a free signature collection or fragrance item (up to $12.50) of my choice with any $10 purchase. I really don't need anymore lotion now, so I am going to give them out to the Mom's at the dance studio when the effective dates come up.
Let me know what you did with your Bath & Body coupons.

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