Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Get in to Walgreens for free ink refills at Walgreens on April 2, 2008. They do not refill any Epson or Canon cartridges, but they do fill a number of Lexmark, HP, and Dell.

Call your local Walgreens to find out if they fill your cartridge.

If you did not get yours in the Sunday Paper you can print it here. You can also check the list to see if it will work for your ink cartridge.

You get 1 color OR black free refill per person so if you need two cartridges filled, bring a friend or you have to pay for the second one.

Also, this deal is VERY popular, so don't go in on free day thinking you'll get your cartridge back soon. It's usually returned to you later that day, even up to 24 hours-3+ days for busier stores.

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