Sunday, April 27, 2008

Energy Saving Tip-Of-The-Week

You are on your computer right now.

How often during the day are you at the computer?

Do you not use your computer after a certain time at night?

Computers suck so much energy and electricity it is scary. When you are done for the day be sure to turn off your computer. I use mine through the day, but when I head to work in the evening, I turn it off. The older kids have computers in their rooms. I keep telling them to turn it off too, but you know how kids can be. I make sure they are turned off as I am tucking the into bed for the night.

What about your other office equipment?

Our printer and copier have power save modes on them that kick in automatically. The old printer didn't though, and I would turn that off every night too. Some people have all their equipment plugged into one surge protector and turn the whole thing off at night to prevent the draw of unnecessary power. I haven't done that yet, but want to soon.

Also, make sure you turn off your computers at work when you are going home for the night. It won't save you personally any money on the bills, but it will save the company. It will also save the energy for the environment, which is always a good thing too.

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