Sunday, April 20, 2008

Energy Saving Tip-Of-The-Week

I know it is getting warmer throughout most of the US right now, but we still need to be thinking about the air in our houses. In the winter we are concerned about keeping the cold out and the heat in, in the summer we will now be trying to keep the hot out and the cool in. One way to help it to use Switch Plate Insulation Kits. This site is selling a 10pk for $2.99. They are available at Menard's, Home Depot & Lowe's too. Not to mention your local hardware stores. I purchased mine at Menard's, and paid a few bucks per pack.

The packs come with outlets, light switch and square converters. You will probably need more than one pack. Only cover the outlets that are on outside walls of our home. Take off the excising switch plate cover, pop out the foam pieces of the insulation and place over the outlet. Replace the switch plate cover. It is so very easy! (For safety reasons, you might want to cut the power to the outlet first.)

I installed mine on a very cold January day. When taking the switch plate cover off I could feel a cold breeze coming in through the outlet. Keep in mind it was below zero outside, but these helped to cut the cold air from sneaking into my house. There was no drastic change in the energy bill that month, but I know they are helping in smaller ways.

Every little thing we can do to help insulate our homes properly will help our energy consumption which will help our personal carbon footprints. A few little things will soon add up to one big thing. So start counting your outlets on outside walls to see how many you need and head to the home improvement store to get it done today.

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