Monday, March 31, 2008

Wal-Mart Earth Day T-Shirts

Well I did it...I actually went to Wal-Mart. I haven't been to a Wal-Mart in almost a year. I am a Target kind-of-girl. But Wal-Mart has Earth Day T-Shirts on sale this week. The shirts are made from 100% transitional cotton which is grown using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, but are not yet certified organic. They do also have some shirts in the junior department that are made out of old plastic bottles.

The kids sizes run $5.00, ladies & men's sizes are $6.00 and 2X-3X sizes are $8.00. So I went a little crazy.

I ended up with one that reads "The hippies were right" got my husband one that says "Save the planet, it's the only one with beer". My son at right wanted the "green one" and didn't care what it said. Got my daughter one about saving the planet because it is the only one with shopping malls, and my older son gets "Save gas...toot in a jar."

We are planning on wearing them on Earth Day April 22, while we are picking up garbage on the county road that runs behind our neighborhood. The kids don't have any after school activities that day (shocking I know) and a few of their friends are planning on coming to help too. I think they are just excited to use the nail on a stick to pick up the trash, but whatever works, right?

Please post your comments on what you are planning to do on Earth Day.
I always need more ideas!

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