Saturday, December 18, 2010

Electronic Free Thursdays - Sledding

What do you do after over 16" of snow falls the weekend before? Why you go sledding on your Electronic Free Thursday!

We were lucky enough to finally get a good snow fall in the Twin Cities over the past weekend. Sure everything came to a stop for awhile, but it made for great sledding conditions. My daughters Girl Scout troop was planning a family sledding adventure, and we went to enjoy the crisp 12 degree night.

All the kids had a great time on the lit sledding hill in the neighboring town. We even ended up the evening with a bon fire, smores and hot cocoa. Little chilly at the end, but my kids said that they had a blast. It was nice to do a physical activity rather than a Christmas craft during the month.

I have attached a video for you to see just how crazy some of the kids are. What a great time, but the snow won't stay around too long. After a good snow fall everybody heads out to the hills, and it gets warn back down to the grass pretty quickly. Glad we had the opportunity to get our sledding in.

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