Saturday, September 4, 2010

The School Lunch Box Experiment

Have you ever looked at what your kids are eating at school? Those school hot lunches are not the most nutritious lunches, not to mention they don't even have any color to them. Lots of bland browns. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are putting a change to that in my family.

This school year my family is trying a new experiment. I have bought all the kids, myself and husband cool new lunch boxes from The Container Store for $10 each. I am going to make homemade lunches for us all Monday thru Thursday. I will let the kids have hot lunches on Fridays as a treat. We also decided that if they stick to this for the whole month, they will be able to get an extra "ala cart" treat at the end of the month on Friday also.

I will be keeping up every week here to let you know our recipes and results of the meals, hopefully taking pictures along the way too.

My family will be starting this experiment on September 13th. I will be weighing in every family member so that we can see if there is a weight loss involved in eating better foods. I am hoping that with the weight loss there will be more energy and therefore more exercise.
So feel free to follow up with us here to see our progress.

PS we are also going to instill one day a week as "no electronics" day too. I need to get all the kids final sports schedule to find a day of the week where we will all be home together to start preparing for that. We will be doing craft projects, board games and cooking dinner together. Keep posted for that to start also!

Have a great new school year!

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