Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Basket Challenge

Here is my personal results from the Easter Basket Challenge. I took pictures off all three kids baskets, and priced out what they each got and how much I ended up spending on them.

Ali's basket: Basket - $.99 90% off clearance Target last year
Tank Top - Free Aeropostale coupon
Shorts - $1.94 clearance at Target
2 Goody hair elastics - $.12 each at Wal-mart with $2.00 off coupon
Small chocolate bunny $.33 3/$1.00 at Wal-mart
Wind up bunny - $1.00 section at Target
Peeps - $.88 Wal-mart
Giant cookie - $1.00 Wal-mart
Bottle lotion - $2.00 - Cub Foods with coupon
Laffy Taffy - $1.88 Wal-mart
Chocolate Bunny $2.99 - Target
Total for just Ali - $13.25

Matt's Basket: Basket $.99 Target clearance
Tag spray - $1.25 - Cub Foods with coupon
Big bag of Pony Beads Kit - $3.99 Wal-mart
3-pack Golf Balls - Free with coupon to local store
Bag of Tees - $1.99
Cadbury mini eggs - $1.88 Wal-mart
Giant Cookie - $1.00 Wal-mart
Mini Chocolate bunny $.33
Wind-up bunny $1.00 Target
Big Chocolate bunny $2.99 Target
Peeps $.88 Wal-mart
Aeorpostale hat $4.97 - 70% clearance
Matt's Total - $21.30

Timmy's Basket: Basket $.99 Target
3-pack Play-do - $1.88 Wal-mart
Giant cookie - $1.99 Wal-mart
Addition Flash Cards - $1.00 Target
Stuffed bunny - $1.00 Target
Small chocolate bunny $.33
Wind-up Bunny - $1.00 Target
Bubble Wand - $1.88 Wal-mart
Giant Chocolate Bunny - $2.99 Target
Peeps - $.88 Wal-mart
Giant Cookie - $1.00 Wal-mart
Bag of peanut butter cups - $1.88 Wal-mart
Timmy's Total - $16.82
I will post pictures on Monday with what the Easter Bunny does to our house in the morning. It's pretty funny, and the kids enjoy it more than the actual candy I think.

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Milk Donor Mama said...

very nice! I got the free baskets and grass from CVS, and saved up CVS goodies and bought some stuff with our extrabucks that were going to expire. So hubby will get beef jerky, tic tacs and candy, DD (2yo) will get socks, baseball caps, stickers, books (thrift store but she doesn't know the difference) and candy. i made one for me too. I wish i had the time to decorate the house!

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