Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shameless Begging

Here is my shameless begging for help.

My family and I are walking in the 2009 Animal Humane Society Walk for the Animals on May 2nd. This is one of those "get people to sponsor you" types of walks. We set our goal pretty low at $150.00 that we are trying to raise. I sent the e-mails out to friends and family, but you know how hard times are right now. Sadly, we have only been able to raise $110.

So here is where the begging comes in. If you can support us and the Humane Society, you can click here to my page and donate online. Anything would help us at this point, even a few dollars. All the money goes directly to our 5 local Humane Societys, and I never see a penny of it. It is totally legit and for charity, so it is a tax rite off as well.

If you can't give anything financially, that is totally fine, but will you have us in your thought on Saturday morning May 2nd. I am not a spring chicken anymore, and could stand loose more than a few pounds, and I am just hoping to make it the whole 5 miles, with the new dog and three kids.

I plan on posting pictures, as we are planning on dressing up the new dog, Bailey. We have not tried to put clothes on her yet, so we will see how that goes :) Wish us luck!

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