Friday, February 20, 2009

Easter Basket Challenge

I know that Easter isn't just about eggs and tons of candy, but my kids would be shattered if they did not get a visit from the bunny. Every year I make their Easter baskets up from different thing I have collected throughout the year. Each child has a basket that is filled with unique things just for them. Only one year when we were getting back from a family vacation the day before Easter, have I ever bought one of those huge pre-made baskets. I enjoy the ones made with love in mind.

So this year I am posing a challenge to all my Easter Basket Challenge. Keep track of how much you are spending on one of your children's baskets. Try to keep it as low as possible. When the baskets are complete, take a picture of it and compose a list with costs of the contents. E-mail it to me & I will post them to share with everybody. I think it will be fun to see how everybody else does there baskets.

I already have the baskets (bought last year at 75% off) and a few stuffers. But Easter is only 50 days away, you better start thinking! You can leave comments as you go to keep everybody informed on how you are doing. Or post pictures on your blog and let us know they are there.

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

The Easter Bunny fills the same basket every year at our house the same way Santa fills the stockings. No need to buy a new basket every year. My girls have always loved it!!!!! They are almost grown now but still get a basket every year.

Laura said...

Cute challenge. I don't have younger kids anymore, but I still like putting together easter baskets (and stockings at Christmas). I'll post a pic when completed.

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