Monday, January 5, 2009

Homemade Cleaning Supplies - Wood

Now I know it is not spring yet, heck it just officially became winter a couple of weeks ago. But there is something about the new year that makes me want to do spring cleaning. We have had snow here in Minnesota for a month now, so it feels like spring should be coming. Sadly, we will have to wait three more months.

I have lived in my house for just over 5 years now. We had our house plans drawn up and watched in the building of our dream home. I have beautiful light maple cabinets throughout the kitchen. Growing up with oak cabinets, I wanted something lighter and brighter. But lighter shows dirt and stains more. Sure I have spot cleaned the cabinets whenever some food explodes or the kids get messy. But I have never really cleaned them all from top to bottom before. Gross I know, but it's the truth. I remember helping my Mom every spring wash down all the wood in the house.

Well, I was having my whole family over for a Christmas party, and the house was disgusting. It is amazing how dirty a house can get when you go back to work full-time. Isn't the house supposed to be cleaner when nobody is home during the day? Anyway, I decided to tackle cleaning all the cupboards in the kitchen. Here is how I did it inexpensively and eco-friendly.

Wood Cleaner:

Murphy's Oil Soap & Water!

Yes that's it. 1/4 cup Muprhy's Oil Soap and 1 gallon warm water. You can even use an old t-shirt as a rag. This stuff is an amazing cleaner, and it is safe for the environment. I even think I got it for next to nothing at Walgreen's with coupons a few months ago.

Here is what you can clean with it:
wood floors
tables & chairs
laminate floors
bookcases & wood furniture
no-wax floors
ceramic floors
even cars and vinyl.

This stuff works on everything. No, I am not being paid to say this, I just really like it!

Now this one I have not tried yet, due to not having any really "good" wood furniture to try it on.

Furniture Polish:
Mix olive oil and vinegar 1:1 ratio, and polish wood furniture with a soft cloth.
(Sounds like a good salad dressing too). I just use the Murphy's and clean the wood, I have never really polished my wood. But this would take the place of the chemical ridden spray polishes. But once again, I have not used this one before. I would try it on a small underneath part of the furniture just to make sure it won't hurt your furniture!

I suddenly have the itch to go polish my kitchen table, and maybe have a salad too!

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Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

We love Murphy's! We have always used it to clean our leather sneakers too. It makes the white very bright.

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