Monday, January 19, 2009

Homemade - Beauty Supplies

This is a whole area that can be covered - beauty supplies. There is a recipe for everything out there if you just look. Here is what I have tried, and my personal opinion about them.

Homemade Biore strips:
Basically smear Elmer's white glue on your face, let dry & peel off like a Biore strip.My opinion: It's ok. It was fun to do with the kids, makes your skin smoother, but I don't think it actually removes the icky stuff in your pores. But it was good for a laugh!

Homemade shampoo & conditioner:
1 tablespoon baking soda & little bit of water for the shampoo. Half & half vinegar & water for the conditioner. My opinion: I tried it for a week, but I miss the suds and smells of regular shampoo & conditioner. It does make your hair feel lighter, but I think I am only going to use this in a real pinch, or maybe when we are "roughing it" camping.

Stretching your Hairspray:
If you use a pump bottle of hair spray, did you know you can mix it half and half with water to make it go further? It still works as good a full strength, but you get twice as much this way!

There are tons out there, but this is what I have tried. Personally I think getting new things at CVS & Walgreens for free is the easiest way to stay beautiful & try new things. I have so many new face creams, make-ups and hair products that I have snagged for free, I think I will stick to store bought beauty supplies.....for now.

Do you have a favorite homemade beauty product. Leave a comment and let us know what has worked (or not worked) for you.


Jackie said...

I've tried to hair shampoo...for a week too, and found that I also missed the smell and suds of "real" shampoo.

Another thing I've tried is using witch hazel for an wonderfully!

Natalie said...

I use baking soda and vinegar for shampoo and conditioner. I also make my own bath salts and sugar scrub. They are heavenly! Plus I can make them smell like whatever I want too.

Nissa said...

lip balm and bath teas are beauty items I like to make. :)

Natural make up said...

I have always gone to to find the perfect beauty supplies. I am a mother of two - a deven month old and a 3 year old, so I have to shop fairly inexspensive. I have never had any problems with them and their beauty supplies and make up is all natural. I like knowing that the cosmetics that I am applying to my face are not harming my skin. I try to stay as natural as I can but when I need to cover blemishes on my face I only use mineral cosmetics so that I know my face is taken care of.

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