Saturday, October 18, 2008

Show-Off on Saturdays

Here is an old story that I wanted to share with my larger readers. My close friends already know about the time my family was on the news (for helping, not for doing something bad).

You can go here to WCCO-TV channel 4 to see the entire report. There is a video bar on the upper right to watch the entire news story as it appeared over a year ago.

The news crew came out to our house to get some help on a story they were doing about lead in children's toys and jewelry. We got involved by my simply e-mailing a question about a previous story. All I asked was "How do you know what has lead and what doesn't?"

Due to having a (then) 8 year old girl with lots of play jewelry and a (then) 18 month old boy, I was concerned about lead content.

Sometimes asking a "Good Question" can result in your children being on TV for a good reason. I don't even like having my picture taken, so for me to actually speak on TV was quite frightening for me. Little by little I am learning to face my fears, grin and bear it, and see what happens. This was one of those situations. But I did it for my children. They even had friends over the night it aired! I still had it recorded on my DVR too.

I remembered about this video when a friend at work told me that she saw me on the Internet. She was watching this video. Funny how something you did over a year ago, pops back up into your life. I just wanted to share this with all of you. Plus, that was the cleanest my house had ever been!

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