Monday, October 20, 2008

New Job Update

Well I survived my first day on the job. I met alot of nice people who's names I will hopefully remember tomorrow. I didn't get lost going to the bathroom, and somehow found the lunch room too. I think I will get along at the new job just fine.

One thing that totally was the icing on the cake, was the basket in the corner for people to put in their newspaper coupons that they don't need! WHAT! Another source for free coupons. There was also a table in the lunch room that was literally covered with coupons from the Happenings Books. I think I am going to like this job.

A very good friend of mine works there, and apparently my reputation precedes me. Every once in a while somebody would say "Oh, you are the one with the coupon web site." I hope that is a good thing. But the one that really cracked me up was when one woman called me Mrs. Incredible. (My family and I dressed up as the Incredibles two years ago for Halloween)

I will keep y'all updated as the new job becomes more comfortable, but so good.

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