Saturday, September 20, 2008

Show-Off on Saturdays

Since I did not do any real shopping this week, I will show-off about my kids today.

My daughter has been dancing for 9 years now, and my oldest son is on his third year. Last Saturday I got up at the crack of dawn and drove them downtown to their first dance audition. It is for the Moscow Ballet Great Nutcracker in December. Well after an hour of learning and showing what they learned they came out with their results.

Now I have been telling them that just trying your hardest is all you can do. I didn't know how many parts their were or how many kids would be showing up. I am pretty bias towards my kids dancing, and of coarse think they are the best in the whole entire world. What Mom doesn't think that way! I was just trying to warn them about rejection when auditioning.

Well, Matt came out first with a part as a Party Guest. You know the people at the beginning Christmas party where Clara gets the Nutcracker from her Uncle. That will be him at the party. He is excited due to having a special part with him and a girl partner and another couple too. There were only two boys that showed up!

More and more groups came out, and Ali was not in any of the groups. My stomach was starting to hurt. What if Matt gets a part and she doesn't. Dance has been her everything for 9 years now! When she finally came out, in the last group, she was announced as a Russian Toy. It is the exciting music when the toys from different country's all dance. It is just her and one other little girl who got this part. She has already learned her whole part and is very excited about it.

Some of my dance friends have been asking how to get tickets to see this particular dance. Here is their website, I have not purchased tickets yet, so I don't know the prices. At least with the two kids in it, I only now have to buy 3 tickets.

So that is my show-off for the week. They have made me so proud, and the best part is that they are proud of themselves for trying and succeeding.

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April said...

Congrats! My oldest loves to dance(almost 8 years in it) except ballet is her least favorite. There's not many performance opportunities for a Tapper :)

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