Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Computer is Finally Working

My wonderful husband nuked the computer, reworked all the files, and has my big computer up and working again. It is so nice not to be on the kids computers!

So here are the two pictures that I promised you. Above is the picture of my first Light Oat Bread that I told you about here. This is the loaf that my daughter made, and she was so proud of it, she wanted to take a picture of it. We ate it while watching the Sound of Music that we taped on the DVR.

Here is the infamous picture of my Pop-Tart collection. This was also the first two Pop-Tart trips, there is 8 boxes missing from this picture that I had picked up the next night. I told you all about my kids Pop-Tart addiction at this post.
Hopefully now with the computer working so nice, I will be able to add more personal pictures to the posts again. Look for my awesome Target shopping trip that will be posting on Saturday!

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