Friday, August 8, 2008

Meal Plan for the Next Two Weeks

I am going to try something new here, I shopped at Aldi and stocked up on dinner items to try to pre-plan them out. Hopefully this will help with the "I forgot to thaw the meat out" and the kids always asking whats for dinner. This is the list of items I got at Aldi, and filled in with items I had in my pantry and freezer. It cost me $70.26 for the new ingredients, and I am happy to use up the older items in the freezer.


Ramen Noodles
Corn dogs
Tuna helper
Left overs
Mashed potato bowls


Frozen Burritos w/ Mexican rice & Sour cream & salad
Tacos w/ (left over rice) &Sour cream
Spaghetti (left over taco meat) w/ Salad
General Tao Chicken w/Rice & Broccoli
Pork roast w/ Pasta side dish (w/ left over broccoli), Corn & Onion rings
Chicken Kiev w/ Stuffing & carrots
Bologna melts w/ Corn
Tuna Helper w/ Rolls
Fried Chicken w/ Green bean casserole
Brats w/ Pasta salad
Manicotti w/ Broccoli & Rolls
Corned beef w/ cabbage
Corned beef hash (w/ left over corned beef) w/Eggs
Stir fry w/Rice
Beef Roast w/Red potatoes & Mixed veggies
Turkey w/Stuffing & Baked potatoes & onions & Asparagus

I have two frozen turkeys in my freezer, and I need to use them pretty soon, so it will be Thanksgiving in August at our house this month. I also have multiple cookie mixes and cake mixes I would like to finally use up. When I can get them for practically free with coupons I tend to stock up. We need to eat more cake before it takes over the kitchen.

This two week plan should carry us through to the start of our family + kids friends camping trip at the end of the month. By then I will need to shop for camping friendly foods anyway. We'll see how my pre-planned list goes, hopefully it will work so good I will do it more often!


Anonymous said...

I've been craving turkey lately. It's too hot to make them now (and my freezer is too small to buy one too far in advance), but the first sign of snow and I'm buying one too!

suzof7 said...

I wish I had a turkey in my freezer! We make a gumbo with the bones that we all just LOVE. I usually ask for the bones when we eat Thanksgiving dinners at relatives' houses, too. It's very economical - if you were interested, you could find the recipe on my blog.

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