Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Web Site Wednesday

My oldest son discovered a new gaming web site for kids that he wanted me to "tell the world" about. I told him I would post about it here so other Mom's could tell their kids about it.

It is on , you probably already have shockwave installed on your computer, as it is used on many different websites to view content already. But if you click on the above link you and your child can play different games for free. There is a 60 minute limit, but I feel that is more than enough time to be sitting on the computer in the summer anyway!

Catagories for games include:

Action & Arcade
Card & Board
Music & Photos
Word Games

When I clicked on there were already some 130,000 people online playing already. My suggestion is to watch what your kids are playing though. You don't know who is out there anymore, and you want to keep your kids safe. We have played alot of the games together, like Family Feud where there can be two teams. It is good family time together, and helps their spelling and typing skills.

So at the suggestion of my oldest son, go check out to go play some fun games for free.

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