Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Web Coupon Wednesday

I have been having some major computer issues this week, sory for the lack of postings. Hopefully this list won't take me half the day to get up.

Here is a list for printable health & medicine coupons for you this week.

$1.00 Advil
$1.00 Advil Cold & Sinus
$1.00 Children's Advil
$4.00 Alvert
$1.00 Anbesol
$1.00 Caltrate
$1.00 Centrum
$1.00 Centrum Kids
$1.00 Centrum Performance
$2.00 Dimetap
$1.00 Fibercon
$1.00 Preperation H
$2.00 Primatene
$1.00 Robitussin

All the above coupons are from this link

$2.00 Advil PM

$1.00 Affrin Nasal Spray

$1.00 Aleve

$1.00 Aleve D

$1.00 Citracal
$1.00 Phillips
$1.00 One A Day
$1.00 Flintstones Vitamins
$2.00 RID Products
$1.00 Alka-Seltzer

$15.00 Alli Weight Loss Products

$1.50 Aquaphor Healing Ointment

$.75 Band-Aid Blister Blocker

$1.00 ReNu Contact Solution

$2.50 Bayer Heart Advantage

$3.00 BOOST Glucose Control

$2.00 Citrucel

1.00 Cortizone 10 Anti Itch

$2.00 Depends Products

$3.00 Dexitrim Max

B3G1 Ensure 6-packs

Free 8oz Ensure

$3.00 Estroven Supplements

$2.00 Excedrin Migrane

$2.00 First Responce Ovulation Kit

$1.00 Gold Bond Lotions & Creams

$2.00 I-Caps Vitamins

$1.00 Imodium AD

$1.00 Imodium AD EZ Chews

$1.00 Imodium Advanced

$1.00 Imodium AD Liquid for Children

$1.00 Neosporin Antibotic Ointment

$2.00 Neosporin Scar Solution

$13.05 coupons for different NexCare First Aide Products

$1.50 Opti-Free Contact Solution

$2.00 Os-Cal Calcium Supplement

$1.00 Pamprin Products

$1.00 Pedia-Lax

And remember there are lost of new coupons every day at my site, right to your left. Just click on SEE ALL COUPONS to see printable coupons for: Opti-Free Contact solutions, Unisom, Pedia-Lax, Balmex, Tylenol PM, Schiff Vitamins, ReNu Contact Solutions and more. They are just a click away to your left.

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