Saturday, July 12, 2008

Target Parade

I think this is the year of the free shirts for my kids. Ali got the free tank top from Wet Seal earlier this summer. They all got free t-shirts at the Back to the 50's Car Show, and today they all got Target t-shirts too.

I signed myself and the kids up to do the local parade under my Target store. I wore my capri pants with the regular red shirt I use everyday. The kids just wore whatever red & khaki they could find. When we got to the line-up, they had a few extra kids Target volunteer t-shirts. And they fit my kids! They were so exited to have actual Target shirts to wear.

We blew up Target bullseye balloons, handed out candy and pinwheels (see picture) while pushing four carts. My littlest rode in the cart the whole parade route. He sat and waved at the people watching. He actually would get a little mad when nobody would wave back. I think it is a kid thing to think when you wave, others must wave back.

All in all we had a fun time. It was windy, but not humid or hot, perfect parade walking weather. The kids had fun and saw a few of their friends along the route.

They are now looking forward to when we are volunteering at the MN State Fair, they will be getting another free t-shirt from there too!

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