Tuesday, July 29, 2008

School Supplies on Sale this week

Here are the school supply deals at Office Depot this week

Office Depot school glue--$0.01 each, limit 5

Office Depot wood inlay rulers--$0.05 each, limit 5

12-pack Crayola colored pencils--$0.50 each, limit 5

Wilson Jones 1" 3-ring binders--$0.50 each, limit 5

Ticonderoga Dry Erase Markers 4-pack--free after mail-in rebate of $3.99, limit 1

Also, if you are a teacher or homeschool mom, Office Depot is hosting Teacher Appreciation Week coming soon at a store near you. You'll receive 10% off any purchase that week plus they have a breakfast on Saturday and give out free school supplies. Visit this link for all the details. Go here to sign up for your Star Teacher Card, if you don't already have one.

And here are the school supply deals at Office Max this week

Office Max 24-ct Crayons--$0.01 each, limit 3

Ring Binder Ruler--$0.01 each, limit 3

Sharpie Mini Hi-lighters--$0.05 each, limit 3

Office Max Assorted Grips and Erasers--$0.25 each, limit 3

ACME Junior Pointed or Blunt Scissors--$0.25 each, limit 3

Office Max is also offering 50% off laminating for teachers and homeschooling moms until August 16th. You have to have a MaxPerks reward card to get the discount. Register here for your card and you can print a temporary registration card to use.

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Lisa said...

Great deals..! I too prefer to shop at Office Depot and Office Max for affordable school supplies.

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