Saturday, July 26, 2008

Free Books @ Borders

Through August 8, 2008, you can order anything for $5 or less from and get it for FREE!

Go here and you can search through the products they offer which are $10 or less. Find something for less than $5, add it to your cart, and proceed to the checkout. (You can checkout as a guest to speed things up if you don't have an account with Borders.)

When it asks for the promotional code, enter: BR41925. Choose to have it shipped to your local store and your total will be $0!

Have fun shopping! And, if you could, help us out in the comments section by sharing what items you find for less than $5.

Update: It appears like so many of you are trying to get in on this deal at once that the site is having problems and many people are unable to checkout. If you have trouble getting your order to go through the first time, you might wait a few hours and try again.

My personal experience: Make sure you have one product over $5.00 for it to go through, the web site will freeze up and be real slow, but take your time and find some great gifts. If the screen says Temp out of service, keep going, it might have already added it to your shopping cart. It is the easiest to look at prices when you change the view from thumbnails to list, and be sure to change the search to price from low to high to find the cheapest products.

HAVE FUN! Think of Christmas! Think of Baby shower gifts! Be patient and again, HAVE FUN!

Thanks to Money Saving Mom for this great tip!


Anonymous said...

Well I got all the way through and all checked out to the last page and thought I would be printing the confirmation and this is what I got
We're sorry. This feature is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

Darn I found A Sawyer Brown cd for $3.99.


jtibbetts001 said...

Hello! I tagged you on my post:

I hope you can participate. (If you can't, please let me know) It's okay if you take a few days to tag others. :)

Thanks for all of your great posts, I really love your blog!


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