Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Experiment Underway!

It is officially July 1st, and my electricity saving experiment in officially underway. You can check out my ideas on it here.

All the kids have been trying real hard to turn off their power strips in their rooms. They have also been more aware of turning of lights when they are not using them. The air conditioner is on again today, it is supposed to be over 90 but not as humid. It will be turned off again as soon as my husband can handle the heat.

We have also been talking about getting a heat pump for the house. We had one in our last house, and it would save us money on the natural gas come winter.

I have also charted out our last year of gas & electricity bills to see if my experiment has done any good. Hopefully I will be able to report a huge drop in electricity usage with our power strips. I will keep y'all up to date when the July bill comes!

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