Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Husbands.....What are we to do with them?

When I came home from work last night, my husband had turned on the air-conditioning for the first time this summer. I was a little sad. I was trying to make it through the month of June without turning it on. I had a whole system of opening and closing blinds at the right times. I even had it set for when to vent the fan in our bedroom, and when to have the air coming in at night. I had the house at a comfortable 73 degrees.

Well Minnesota is known for their snow, but not alot of people know about our summers. They are beautiful, yes they are, but they can be VERY humid too. Today is 94 degrees with a dew point over 60 degrees and rising. Now that might not sound bad to some, but it is quite sticky here.

So as much as I hate to admit when I am wrong, I will admit it when I am. He was right to turn on the air last night for us today. We would have been miserable, and probably in crabby moods when he came home from work. I will however be turning it off again when the humidity goes back down!

Thanks Honey for thinking of us.

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