Saturday, June 28, 2008

Headed to the Mall Today...print these coupons!

Go here to print you coupons for a free Auntie Anne's pretzel. Be sure to go back and print two of them. They are really good, and have flavors for all taste buds!

Bath and Body is have a buy one get one free sale on their home fragrances until Sunday. You can save up to $19.50, and no coupon is needed. They are still selling their signature fragrances for $5.00 until July 6th (think Christmas), and some are even on sale for $4.00. Click above to check out the deals.

Be sure to print this page to get your free CHILOSA tank top from Wet Seal. Just print the page, bring it into the store and tell them what size you would like. No further purchase is necessary. I got my daughter hers yesterday on the way home from work.

And then there's Old Navy. They always have good clearances, but today only (Saturday June 28th) they are marking all their signature flip-flops down to only $1.00. This is the time to stock up for the summer, and maybe even next summer if you know the sizes you will need. You can check it all out here, but I would go fast, as sizes will surely sell out quickly.

Happy mall shopping!

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