Wednesday, June 4, 2008

County Markey Dollar Days Sale

WOW! I have never seen County Market that busy before in my life. I went today around noon, and picked up my Mom on the way for her to get some things too.

Here is what I ended up with:
(by the way the receipt was up to my toddlers chin when measured from the floor)

3 - Act II popcorn
3 - Pillsbury brownie mixes
6 - packs chicken nuggets & popcorn chickens
3 - Birds Eye frozen veggies
3 - English Muffins (eggs Benedict this weekend!)
15 - Chicken Kiev's
4 - pounds ground turkey
3 - packs tortillas
2 - Top the Taters
3 - bags Goldfish
1 - new kind of popcorn chicken
2 - 3 pound beef chuck roasts
6 - Jack's frozen pizzas
4 - bags of pretzels
2 - ice creams
1 - 5 pound bag potato's
10 - packs of hot dogs
2 - family size Suave shampoos
2 - family size Suave conditioners
2 - large cans Bush's baked beans
1 - Nesquik chocolate syrup
1 - No Name cheddar hot dogs
10 - frozen burritos
4 - boxes Flavorite pop-tarts
1 - gallon skim milk
2 - packs of raspberries
2 - packs of strawberries
1 - loaf wheat bread
1 - pack Strawberry marshmallows
3 - pounds of bananas

I filled three of my Chico reusable bags, three paper store bags and had the milk and potatoes out. I didn't take a picture of it all, due to standing in the checkout line for almost half an hour, and driving 30 minutes home. The frozen foods needed to get into the freezer right away. What did I pay you ask? Before sales prices and coupons it was $196.45. After sale prices and a few very good coupons it was $104.66 OOP, with a savings of $91.79 or 47%.

I am really glad I cleaned out my pantry last week, and I cleaned out my freezer a few days ago. Everything was easier to put away, because everything had a place to go. Except for milk, bread and produce all these groceries should last almost a month. And the things like hot dogs, I freeze and they should last through the whole summer.

If you live in the St. Francis or Andover areas of Minnesota, you need to go to this sale today. They are open 24 hours for the sale, and they still had plenty in stock when I left at 2:00pm. For my fellow Anoka County friends, leave a message to share how much you saved today at County Market. I have to go cut up my strawberries now.....

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