Tuesday, June 24, 2008

50's Car Show

Well we actually made it to the State Fair Grounds for the Back to the 50's Car show on Saturday. Jeff had fun walking around by himself, due to me taking the kids to do the kids games and events. That was fine with me, because after awhile all the cars start to look the same.

The picture above is of the kids with the t-shirts that they "won" doing the games. They did not win with their times of rolling the hula-hoop, but they enjoyed the t-shirts just the same.

Before the kids games started, Radio Disney was there having dance contests and games for the kids too. Ali won a Radio Disney t-shirt and a Zach & Cody door hanger for her room. She also got a PS2 Ben 10 game and Wild Hogs bandanna. Matt stuck around long enough to win a gum ball machine and tattoos, then he was gone to look at cars. Timmy was to scared to even dance along to the music. Of well, he had a fun time telling us all of his favorite colors of cars.

Jeff had so much fun that he went back at night with one of our neighbors. I think all the kids with was to much for him!

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