Saturday, May 3, 2008

Make $25 in minutes!

Have you heard of Revolution Money exchange yet? It is like Pay Pal, only better.

How it works.
Money Exchange is an easy, secure, and reliable way to send and receive money online between account holders for FREE.

FREE to register for an account
FREE to add money from your bank account
FREE to send money
FREE to receive money
FREE to request money
FREE to transfer money to your bank account

PLUS, if you sign up within the next week and a half they will GIVE YOU $25 just for signing up! Plus for every friend you refer to them they will give you another $10! This is the easiest money I have ever made.

It was a simple 5-minute sign-up process and I now have $25 showing up in my account. I am not sure how this company is affording to hand out $25 like this to everyone, but it's worth signing up for if you have a few minutes and could use $25.

Just click here to sign up, and get your free $25 today! You can also click on the button at the left of the page.

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