Monday, May 19, 2008

Garage Sale...BUST

Five of my neighbors and I planned a huge garage sale for this past weekend. It was beautiful weather, we advertised in two local papers and Craigslist. But barely any people showed up! What a disappointment. We had the four car garage and driveway FULL of stuff, and had the prices set to sell. But nothing.

I have not had a sale in the new house since we have moved in almost five years ago, maybe we are just in a bad area for bringing in traffic. We are in the northern most city of the seven county metro area of Minneapolis/St. Paul, but it isn't that far north.

My husband & I are going to try again this Thursday to see if we can nab some people on their way up north for the long weekend. Hopefully we will be able to swing a few more people in through the neighborhood.

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